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Whilst in a consultancy role at Warner Chappell, Maria Forte worked closely with Radiohead and its management in the planning and production of the commercial digital licensing and release of the seminal album ‘In Rainbows’. This involved all aspects of the digital release of this album, as well as the associated singles and the ancillary events surrounding the album release. Included in this was the release of the accompanying video album ‘In Rainbows From The Basement’. This campaign was an innovative and unique offering from a band that has become known for its groundbreaking work.

Our involvement began with the origination of the label copy, metadata, collation of digital files for music and artwork, and delivery to digital services, to ensuring licences were properly executed. The ‘In Rainbows’ album was licensed using a one-stop-shop process, adopted for this campaign (ie master and publishing licensed together under a hybrid royalty rate) thus ensuring the subsequent income was correctly and quickly paid and received paid from day one – the work from start to finish was a unique and innovative process.

Maria Forte subsequently worked with the artist and management again in 2011, for the release of their eighth studio album ‘The King of Limbs’, released originally on the band’s Ticker Tape label. This included delivering to digital services, either directly or via the digital aggregator AWAL, as well as the video album ‘The King Of Limbs – Live From The Basement’ and also the different individual DJ Remixes which were also later released as the extended album ‘TKOL RMX 1234567’