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Having had the experience of setting up and running several music publishing companies we can advise anyone entering or already established in this area on the best way forward should they want to seek an objective opinion. From membership of the relevant industry bodies to the use of copyright and royalty databases to the options of international representation or a general ‘healthcheck’, we are able to provide reassurance or options in operating systems. The identification, set up and implementation of systems have a direct impact on the smooth running of any administrative structure.

Managing a business can be a time consuming and complex undertaking. Covering all bases, ensuring all aspects of one’s business arrangements are carefully constructed and carried out, is an important part of running a successful business, whether you are a band, writer, partnership or company. Distribution, licensing, publishing, collection of income are all crucial areas in which to make sure systems and processes are adequately in place in order to successfully function in one’s chosen business. We can assist in the implementation of formal arrangements with a 3rd party (eg, distribution company for a label or film company for synchronisation opportunities) and ensure good processes are put in place from the start.

With a broad experience of the music industry, we are always prepared to entertain any working opportunities where our experience would be useful.