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As an industry veteran, Maria Forte is happy to attend and speak at events to help in the education of individuals who work with music in any form. She has given master classes and contributed to seminars at prestigious industry events and institutions including In The City, the Performing Right Society (PRS), the Music Managers Forum (MMF) and the Music Publishers Association (MPA). Educational establishments are also in her sights, having given lectures or talks on university music industry courses, such as at Southampton University, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and University of Hertfordshire. She recently appeared as an independent witness at the DCMS Select Committee Inquiry into The Economics Of Music Streaming.

We also provides internal learning opportunities that could be run by companies who want their staff to understand the complexities of the music industry and what this means to each of their roles on a day to day basis. Education and the acquisition of knowledge is an important role that should be fulfilled by any company who wants to ensure their staff fully understands the machinations of the music industry and the use of music in general.