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In today’s world, intellectual property rights management has undoubtedly increased in complexity. Alongside the more traditional routes of music exploitation, the growth of the digital market and the opportunities this presents results in a more diverse revenue source. With the diminution of income experienced in the current marketplace, it is even more vital to ensure that rights are managed effectively and efficiently in order to ensure the maximum return.

With 30 years experience in the administration of intellectual property rights, Maria Forte Music Services can identify the requirements needed to enable the licensing of music and collection of income through multiple platforms.

Maria Forte is currently working in the area of pan European Digital Licensing with clients Warner Chappell; has set up a rights network for the iconic indie-rock outfit The Wedding Present; has steered Amnesty International through the minefield of music clearance and has worked with Radiohead (through Warner Chappell) in the set up and implementation of the digital sale of ‘In Rainbows” and it’s related products. This last role was achieved through the innovative and unique ‘one stop shop’ licensing platform where master rights and publishing rights were licensed together and directly to digital service providers.